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Gepostet: 18th June 2012 von clarissaliv in Uncategorized

First of all, the breaking news of today: Another reactor in Japan was shut down, leaving just one reactor -out of the 54- running. As stated in this article, the official reasons are maintenance and stress tests, but also local governments and electric companies are facing a big public opposition. There was one panel at […]


Gepostet: 27th November 2011 von clarissaliv in Announcement, Screening

After a sold out and successful world premiere in Frankfurt (a big „thank you“ goes to Nippon Connection!) we are very happy to announce further RADIOACTIVISTS screenings: December 8th RADIOACTIVISTS will be screened in Vienna, Austria as part of the festival this human world. It will be screened at 6 p.m. in Topkino. We are […]

As our last post consisted in the press release for the 9/11-no-nuke-demonstration in Shinjuku, Tokyo, it is time for a summary of the current protest situation. In the mean time, two big protests took place in Tokyo, that should be reported in this post. September 11th no nuke demonstration in Shinjuku (Tokyo) Maybe it should […]