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While the Castor rolls through Germany and news about the still radioactively leaking Fukushima power plant spread over the world, people in Japan still continue to protest against the nuclear power policy. Two days ago, on December 3, 2011, a huge demonstration took over the streets of Japans capital Tokyo, the 2nd NO NUKES! ALL […]

Today, we proudly announce the world premiere of our documentary RADIOACTIVISTS, which will take place within the NIPPON CONNECTION’S Japan Week 2011 on Saturday, November 12, 2011, 8 p.m. (followed by discussion) German Film Museum Cinema, Frankfurt, Germany Radioactivists A documentary by Julia Leser and Clarissa Seidel Germany/Japan 2011, 72 min., Japanese with English subtitles, […]

As been reported earlier on our blog, the Japanese police acted extremely aggressive within the last anti-nuclear-demonstration in Tokyo on September 11, 2011. Twelve people got arrested without any legal reason on that day. It seems that the new anti-nuclear movement in Japan is facing the means of state oppression as their biggest obstacle. Critics […]

This is the official press announcement by the Amateurs’ Revolt: The Amateurs’ Revolt organized the recent demonstrations on April 10 in Koenji, May 7 in Shibuya, June 11 in Shinjuku, and August 6 in Ginza. In a country where a growing majority is now against nuclear power, demonstrations attended by ordinary citizens are a crucial […]

[slideshow] On August 6, 2011, an anti-nuclear demonstration took place in the shopping district of Ginza, Tokyo. It was the forth big demonstration since March 11. Like the past ones, it gathered thousands of people, bands and artists were performing, and politicians and celebrities came and appealed to the people. Still, after the last demonstration […]