Last Sunday (March 11, 2012) a lot of protest events took place all over Japan (and the world) to commemorate the triple catastrophe and especially the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident of 3.11. The “Metropolitan Coalition Against Nukes”, a network of anti-nuclear organizations and individuals which formed in September 2011, organized the biggest protest march at Hibiya Park, Tokyo, with more than 30.000 participants under the following appeal:

The Tohoku Earthquake occurred at 2:46 p.m. on March 11, 2011.
This disaster not only resulted in nearly 20,000 the deaths and
missing persons by the earthquake and tsunami, but developed into the
serious accident by explosion and meltdown of Fukushima Daiitchi
Nuclear Power Plant.
In this accident, the vast area of East Japan was polluted by the
radioactive material, and people who were obliged to refuge exceeded
Futhermore, the life and health of people, especially children who
live in this country, are exposed to serious danger even now by the
government which does not try to protect people’s lives.
Now, almost plants stop for a periodic inspection, and the schedules
of re-operation are not clear because of the disapproval by local .
The public opinion of the anti-nuclear power is increasing, and the
possibility of the big accident by a future big earthquake is pointed
However, the government and the electric power companies are going to
advance re-operation.
We think that true revival is facing firmly not only the damage of a
natural disaster, but the damage of the nuclear power plant disaster
which is a man-made.
The unprecedented mixed disaster of earthquake and nuclear power plant
accident is advancing even now which will be one year soon from that
March 11.
We mourn for victims , renew the oath to anti-nuclear and perform a
big demonstration parade.
Starting a demonstration with a silent prayer, and we join surrounding
the National Diet Building for mourning and a protest with the candles
after the parade.
With people in the world who are opposed to nuclear power.

This demo in Tokyo was just one among may. In Koriyama, Fukushima, for example, more than 15.000 people gathered to demonstrate against nuclear power.

Another protest event was organised by the Kyoto-based band “Frying Dutchman”, which was virtually unknown a year ago, but became an internet sensation over the past few months with their protest song “humanERROR”. To commemorate the events of 3.11 they appealed:

Please play this song wherever you are; in the streets, shops, your car, your friend’s or colleagues’ cars. Even if you are alone at home, please play this tune in your room.
Of course, if you are at a large-scale gathering, such as a demonstration, rally, exhibition, etc., we hope humanERROR will be noticed.
But participation is not limited to where there are many people. Even listening on your media player, or your smartphone, pc, etc. is participation in the humanERROR parade.

The parade started at March 10 at noon, Japanese time. We hope this parade as well as all the other events were successful and were able to bring the issues related to the Fukushima accident back in the people’s minds.

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