Voices Against Indifference

Posted: 18th June 2012 by clarissaliv in Uncategorized

Unfortunately we have to start this blog post with sad news: After our last entry where we pointed to the cut off of the last Japanese reactor, we now have to announce the ending of this situation. Last weekend ‘Kansai Electric Company’ (KEPCO) turned on the reactors of the nuclear power plant in Ooi and thus ended the 6 weeks long period of a nuclear free Japan. A collective of anti-nuclear activists published an open letter calling for solidarity actions and protests against this. Please read here for further information.

Besides that we’re still trying to raise awareness for the Japanese anti-nuclear movement by showing our film RADIOACTIVISTS. We were present at a screening in Berlin a couple of weeks ago in order to have a chat with the audience who had just seen the film, when a young woman voiced her critique that we’ve merely presented one group of activists in the film although the anti-nuclear scene in Tokyo and Japan is very diverse. She is very right in this point and we had a vivid exchange about this topic. She has come back from Japan very recently was very active in the movement during her stay. And she also made short film, that tells some background information about the organization of the demonstrations which we could not include in our film. So we proudly present Isabel Pichler and her very interesting piece ‘Voices Against Indifference‘ and hope that she will soon summarize the current situation of the Japanese anti-nuclear movement in a separate blog post. Until then, enjoy…

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