This is the official press announcement by the Amateurs‘ Revolt:

The Amateurs‘ Revolt organized the recent demonstrations on April 10 in Koenji, May 7 in Shibuya, June 11 in Shinjuku, and August 6 in Ginza.

In a country where a growing majority is now against nuclear power, demonstrations attended by ordinary citizens are a crucial and significant method of expression. And in fact they have even recently became a daily fact of life in Japan. It is our hope that the media will report on them as widely as possible, both in Japan and around the world.

September 11 will mark 6 months since the triple disaster now beleaguering the nation. We hope that it will be a crucial turning point in rallying an already anti-nuclear citizenry to raise their voices with greater and greater force in the face of an ongoing nuclear catastrophe and a government now led by Yoshihiko Noda.

Our Shinjuku demonstration on 9.11 will commence at 3:11 PM.

We demand the following from the Japanese Government.

  1. Suspension of the operation of all nuclear power plants presently online.
  2. Cessation of the re-starting of any nuclear power plants currently offline for inspection or other reasons.
  3. Cessation of any further nuclear power plant construction.
  4. A full revocation of the 20 mSv/year exposure level for children.
  5. A shift in political policy from nuclear power to natural energy.

Schedule on September 11, 2011 (Sunday):

  • 2 PM Meet at Shinjuku Studio Alta (“Alta Mae) by the East exit of Shinjuku Station
  • 3.11 PM demonstration begins. There will be two “sound cars” with bands and DJs
  • The demonstration will end up making its way back to finish at Alta Mae where speeches will be made by people including Kojin Karatani (cultural critic, thinker) and Tetsuya Iida (Executive Director of Institute for Sustainable Energy Policies: ISEP).

We are also in the process of making an offer to Naoto Kan.

Press Conference September 5 (mon):

  • 3 PM: Press Conference starts (in Japanese).
  • 4 PM – 4:30PM: We will take questions in English.
  • Participants will include Karin Amamiya (author) and Shin Futatsugi (music critic)
  • It will be held at Café Lavanderia, located a minute’s walk from the C8 exit of Shinjuku Sanchome Station. The address is Shinjuku 2-12-9. It may also be seen on U-Stream

For further information see their website, and make sure to join the demonstration everybody!
See you there.

This press release has been sent to me by the HUMAN RECOVERY PROJECT, and it included the following picture: It shows the spot where they measured the highest radiation so far: Iitate Village (Fukushima Prefecture), 103.6 μSv/h.