While the Castor rolls through Germany and news about the still radioactively leaking Fukushima power plant spread over the world, people in Japan still continue to protest against the nuclear power policy. Two days ago, on December 3, 2011, a huge demonstration took over the streets of Japans capital Tokyo, the 2nd NO NUKES! ALL STAR DEMO. (click here for pictures)

Remember, the first NO NUKES! ALLSTAR DEMO, organized by a huge and daily growing network of anti-nuclear groups in Japan, took place on September 19, 2011. With more than 60.000 participants and famous people appealing to the crowd like the writer and Nobel prize-winner Kenzaburo Oe, it was the biggest demonstration with the most attention paid to it, even by Japanese mass media, so far since 3/11.

In the video, you can see the crowd marching through Shibuya, one of the biggest and consumeristic part of Tokyo.In the end of the video, you’ll see the percussion group DRUMS OF FURY, that has taken part in the new anti-nuclear movement from the beginning in March 2011. Directed by the artist ILLCOMMONZ, the group uses nuclear waste bins to create a raging beat, playing with the imagery of ‚V for Vendetta‘, showing their sympathy for the ongoing OCCUPY movement.

And another star was born on the day of the demonstration: FRYING DUTCHMAN, a Japanese rock band, performed their new protest song ‚HUMAN ERROR‘ on stage. Even for those of you who can’t speak Japanese, you will feel the energy and rage behind hit; ‚Human Error‘ with its accusatory lyrics goes straight to the heart, and makes you aware of all that went wrong around the whole Fukushima problematic.

If you prefer a good and profound article about the backgrounds of nuclear energy in Japan (written in English), then take a look at this article written by Cordula Meyer on Spiegel International. Take care and see you soon, we’ll keep you updated!

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