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We’ve been working hard during the last couple of months and still do. But we want to show to the world what is going on in Japan right now: the biggest protests in Japanese history since the 1970s! We want to finish our movie and get it out there as soon as possible, and therefore we need all the support we can get.

That’s why we started a CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN on IndieGoGo!

To finish our movie and send it to festivals we need some money. This is our first documentary. And we didn’t have a lot of time to prepare it, since nobody actually saw a catastrophe like the one on March 11 coming. Neither did one expect that so many Japanese people would get out on the streets in such a short period of time: just a month after the catastrophe struck Japan, several ten thousand people protested in Tokyo! The demonstrations that happen right now are the biggest in Japanese history since the 1970s!

These quick developments just left us with the decision to go and shoot the movie NOW! So we bought a decent camera, a micropone and a recording device (plus some other stuff) and took the next plane to Japan.

Since we are still students, we actually don’t have the money to do that. But this wasn’t about money, we wanted to this with all our hearts. So we borrowed the money from our dear friends and families for the moment, but now is the time to give it back to them.

Please support us, to get this movie out there as soon as possible!

On the crowdfunding site we put 2500 dollars as our goal, because we were very careful and weren’t sure how much we could expect. But now we realize that we’ve been kind of naive and underestimated the ongoing costs connected to festival submissions, DVD production etc. So, although we’ve reached our initial goal, we really need more money.

But: we appreciate your support a lot and therefore are preparing some perks for you, for example hand-printed T-Shirts as well as DVDs in cases that are each individually designed and sprayed – streetstyle!

Please spread the word, and tell everyone about our project!

Thank you!

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